Akotherm GmbH

Over 50 years of experience!

AKOTHERM® GmbH has been established as an innovative system supplier for aluminium windows, doors and facades on the German market and abroad for over 50 years. Whether in the USA, Turkey, Madagascar or China, AKOTHERM® systems can be found in buildings around the world.

We offer solutions for new construction and renovations, as well as cost-efficient applications in the commercial and property business. Systems for private residences, secure and highly insulated, complete our portfolio.

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Aluminium Profile Systems by AKOTHERM

Always state of the art and feature extras which make them considerably easier to process and install.


Virtually every system offers the option of upgrading the insulation.
This for one allows implementing cost-effective solutions, and on the other hand you can achieve the best insulation properties with the same system – all the way to passive house level.

Sound insulation

Extensive sound protection tests allow targeted use of glazing to meet the requirements. Glazings in windows and doors typically show concrete sound insulation values of 30-50 dB.

Fire protection

Outstanding and simple: The fixed glazing (F30) or fire door (T30 or EI30) from the standard system can be upgraded to a AT 740 FR fire protection element with just a few parts, allowing for example clearance heights (single leaf) up to WxH 1400x3000 mm.

Burglar Resistance

The traditional wall thickness of 2 mm not only allows tall leaf heights, but also extremely simple installation in the area of burglar resistance. For example, RC2 can be implemented with just a few closures and completely without gluing the glass joint.

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