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Facades and Window Installation
AT 500 CS, AT 730 HI-S

Premier Campus

The Premier Campus, a project in the Kagithane Gardens district in Istanbul, resulted in a fascinating building in the hilly landscape typical for Istanbul. It’s exactly these hillsides and curves which  are continued in the building’s shape, aimed at a perfect symbiosis between nature and architecture.
The impressive building features retail space on the ground floor, paired with spacious spaces and offices on the upper floors. The large number of planted patios is intended to lower the high temperatures  during the summer months.
The AKOTHERM systems AT 500 CS and AT 730 HI-S which were used are perfect for the requirements of the contemporary design and are also suitable for the tough weather conditions. Both systems have proven their worth thanks to their ultra modern insulation concept.

About the Property

AS Metal

Akotherm specialist

DB Architects, JDS Architects


Istanbul, Turkey

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Year of Construction


Mustafa Öztürk