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Facades and Window Installation
AT 500 CS, AT 550 SK/PA, AT 740 SI

100 Norfolk Street, New York

As the hub for immigrants from all over Europe, the Lower East Side was one considered the abominated borough of Manhattan. Today it’s full of life, countless art galleries, boutiques, stylish cafés and bistros characterise the city – a very different lifestyle has developed.

And 100 Norfolk Street looks just as different. A high-end residential complex which is not called an “architectural masterpiece” for nothing. The newly planned exterior of house number 100 alone bespeaks individualism and design, the building itself is an absolute eye-catcher in a top location. The all-glass facade which gives the building its effect is particularly impressive. It doesn’t use an “off the rack” system. Instead, AKOTHERM developed a special construction – specifically tailored to the architectural standards of the project. The established AKOTHERM profile system AT 500 CS served as the basis. This mullion-transom facade system is designed for large scaled glass facades and with a visible width of only 50 mm perfect for design-oriented and filigree properties like 100 Norfolk Street. Successful mock-up tests were conducted on the property beforehand. The windows were implemented with the AKOTHERM AT 550 SK/PA profile system. This highly insulated all-glass window system is particularly impressive in the 100 Norfolk Street project due to its easy installation as facade insert element for all mullion-transom constructions. Yielding an elegant and homogeneous facade look. The package with facade and windows is ultimately completed with the doors, made from the AKOTHERM series AT 740 SI, a profile system for doors.

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Ext-Tech LLC

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New York, USA

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