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Facades, Mullion-Transom Facades
AT 500 CC

System Description

The AT 500 CC system is designed for large glass facades and has a visible width of 50 mm. Using a variety of mullion and transom profiles, you can realize a multitude of requirements. You can install various inserts, such as doors or top-hung outward projecting windows. This allows a multitude of opening in the facade. The system was designed as an addition to the established transom-transom facade AT500 F/F-SI with an ultra modern insulation concept, thus minimises energy loss – even suitable for passive houses.


2D cross section

Product Specifications

Installation Depths

Posts 45 to 188 mm, beams 32 to 195 mm


8 to 60 mm

Glass pane weight

up to 650 kg

Air permeability

as per EN 12152: Class AE

Driving rain resistance

as per EN 12154: Class RE 1050

Impact strength

as per EN 14019: E5/I5

Sound protection

DIN EN ISO 10140-1: Rw = 50 dB

Thermal transmittance

as per EN ISO 10077-2: Uf = up to 0.56 W / (m² K)

CE mark

as per EN 13830: can be applied


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AT 500 CC

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