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Facades, Transom-Transom Facades
AT 500 F-SI

System Description

The system is designed for large glass facades and roofing. For mullion and transom, depending on the statics and design, you can use the same profiles with a depth from 32 to 195 mm. This minimizes your waste. Straight cuts and the patented drainage system eliminate the need to uncouple the transoms and ensure rational production. For a different interior and exterior look you can choose from various mullion or cover styles. Inserts such as windows, doors and roof windows, from the respective systems can be installed.

360° view


2D cross section

Product Specifications

Installation Depths

Mullion and transom from 32 to 195 mm


Glazing 34 to 44 mm

Glass pane weight

up to 250 kg

Driving rain resistance

EN 12154: Class RE 1200

Air permeability

EN 12152: Class AE

Thermal transmittance

EN 10077-2: Uf 1.3 to 1.4 W / (m² K)

Burglar Resistance

up to RC2

Sound protection

DIN EN ISO 140 Part 3: Rw = 41 dB


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AT 500 F-SI

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