AT 550 SK/PA

Product Group
Windows, Insert Windows
AT 550 SK/PA

System Description

With the AT 550 SK/PA system, the frame and sashes are multi-chamber profiles connected with corner brackets. With the opening mechanism (shear), in addition to being a parallel top-hung outward window it can also be turned into a top-hung outward projecting window, and offers easy installation as a facade insert element. So these window systems can be used in any mulltion and transom constructions of our system house to ensure an elegant and harmonious look.


2D cross section

Product Specifications

Installation Depths

Frame 114 mm, sash 100 mm

Air permeability

as per EN 12207: Class 4

Thermal transmittance

as per EN ISO 10077-2: Uf = up to 3.5 W / (m² K)


28 to 40 mm

Driving rain resistance

as per EN 12208: up to class E 1350


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AT 550 SK/PA

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